Mimshal Homarim Sachar LTD

We are a plastic recycling and distributor of plastic raw materials. “Mimshal Homarim Sachar” LTD sells, regrinds, and reprocesses off-spec and wide-spec plastics materials. “Mimshal Homarim Sachar” LTD also buys scrap and regrind plastic materials.

We trade in plastic resins, including scrap, regrind, reprocessed pellets, powder and baled. “Mimshal Homarim Sachar” LTD was founded in 1976 and has over 48 years of experience in the plastic industry. We can recycle all types and forms of plastic materials with the utmost care.

Our 80,000 square foot plant is located in Israel and provides services world wide. We have a USA Branch located in sunny California to allow us to conduct business within the U.S and the Pacific.

We do our best to make your working experience with us a pleasurable one. Honest business is what we commit ourselves to in our day to day business. We always look forward to make new business connections no matter what the size of your company. So hop on board and contact us today.

Amir Lin

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